BE UP AND RUNNING in three easy steps

 HIPAA compliant telemedicine for video calls, secure messaging and document sharing, remote monitoring of health related data, and the establishing of a private, cloud-based patient controlled Electronic Health Record (EHR) where demographic and healthcare related information is always at your fingertips!

Physicians sign-up

for an account to begin using the service for a very cost effective monthly subscription fee.

Patients sign-up

for an account with and download the app for free from the Google play or Apple store.

Physicians and Patients COMMUNICATE

with easy access to video, scheduling, messages, and health info exchange.

PhysicianVisit gives Physicians/Clinicians and Patients an efficient, convenient way to connect

either in office, through televideo call, or through secure messaging, resulting in higher patient satisfaction, a better overall patient/provider experience and a more complete opportunity to deliver quality care.

affordable HIPAA compliant telemedicine mobile application
busy physician saving time

Our robust HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform gives you more control

Both physicians and patients save time by using Physicianvisit.  Physicians can manage their schedule, take video calls when the patient cannot make it to the office.  Patients can schedule their own visits or see the physician from their home. Our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform includes an array of features that make the delivery of telehealth services an easily integrated part of your practice:

Video Telehealth

Video Telehealth Platform

for convenient internet-based secure, HIPAA compliant televideo calls between your practice and your patients

Complete Scheduling

Complete Scheduling

that can be used with your existing system or as a stand alone component for scheduled telehealth services

patient convenience with secure messaging from mobile device

Secure Messaging

that keeps you in complete regulatory compliance as faxing goes away and unsecure channels pose greater risks


Robust Patient Electronic Health Record

that provides your patients a private, secure, cloud based platform for their vital health and demographic information, prescription and follow up instructions, and other information that supports the delivery of care.

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