States with parity laws for private insurance coverage of telemedicine (2018)

Parity laws are passed in states to meet the unique needs of their states’ insurance and health care systems. In some states, reimbursement is restricted to certain types of providers and site locations.  These laws help healthcare providers get paid the same for telemedicine visits, just as they do for in-person visits.  Also, these laws are very important to the development of healthcare provide via telemedicine platform, since private insurance and Medicaid is regulated at the state level.  Other locations to help you can keep up with these state laws and changes include the ATA and CCHP.  You return to our state by state map here.

Parity Laws For Private Insurance Map
  • Telemedicine Parity Law
  • Partial Parity Law
  • Proposed Parity Bill
  • No Parity Legislative Activity

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